Long-term goals require a strategy. For us at the Jacob Metal Group, our strategy shows our employees, partners and customers the prospects that we foresee for our company in the future.


Metal recycling is our DNA. It stands for securing raw materials and protecting the environment – and it has a global impact. We are the leading group of companies for recycling and trading non-ferrous metals, industrial residues, electronic waste and precious metals with first-class networks in the global recycling market. This position within the circular economy needs to be further consolidated and given a higher profile in the future. As we strive for this, we will draw on our strong network within the Jacob Metal Group and the uniquely broad spectrum of services that comes with it. Our constant exchange of knowledge is the driving force for innovations – because we are convinced that working together is the only way we can shape the future.


Recycling is a mission to make valuable raw materials available to future generations as well. As recycling specialists, the companies of the Jacob Metal Group bear a special responsibility for this. Thanks to continuous improvements in environmentally compatible processing methods that conserve resources, our end product is becoming more of a “green metal” all the time. We are achieving this by reducing our own CO2 emissions, broadening our ability to recycle, improving recycling rates and designing our workplaces with the future in mind. This requires a willingness to change, which we cultivate within the company and communicate to our customers and partners. Because a sustainable industrial sector – the circular economy – can become a reality only through mutual understanding and joint action.


We don’t see people as resources. They are our assets and the engine that drives our company forward. Our goal is to ensure that our employees can enjoy doing productive, meaningful work every day. We offer an attractive, stable and fairly paid working environment and never compromise when it comes to occupational safety and health care. We cultivate an open culture rooted in appreciation for each other. Hierarchies are as flat as possible at our company, and we believe in communication as equals. In order to update our employees’ skills to meet changing and growing requirements, we take a forward-looking approach to investing in tailored training and further education, including at our Jacob Metal Academy.


We never stop moving. Tirelessly continuing to develop is the only way we can remain a reliable partner for our customers. That’s why we are constantly working to improve our technologies and processes for our sustainable recycling products and services. When developing our technically complex recycling plants, we attach great importance to innovative, environmentally friendly and safe solutions that are state of the art. We are constantly working to optimise the quality of our products by continually reducing impurities. We strive for optimum resource efficiency in our processes. Our thoughts and actions are always focused on our customers’ needs.


We don’t want growth at any price, but we are open to inorganic growth to complement our capabilities. We believe in our strengths and our position as a reliable recycling partner. Our full-service offerings are becoming increasingly important given the greater demand for regionally processed raw materials to avoid inefficient transport routes. Thanks to innovative technologies and our strong network within the Jacob Metal Group, we offer the highest recycling quality in terms of both scope and depth. We pay special attention to our delivery capability. To this end, we keep an unrivalled range of processed raw materials and products in stock. This allows us to strengthen our collaboration with our customers, which is forged in trust, and further enhance our attractiveness on the market.