We make recycling possible. Always and everywhere.

OUR MISSION: For us, there‘s no waste, just raw material.

We stand for the safe and environmentally compatible recycling of non-ferrous metals from industry and trade sectors. By professionally processing these metals, we produce valuable recycled raw materials, which we then feed back into the economic cycle.

OUR VISION: Resources are limited. Our ideas are not.

By consistently broadening our ability to recycle, we are advancing sustainability to counter the global extraction of limited natural resources. All our concepts are based on the almost unlimited recyclability of non-ferrous metals, thereby enabling us to ensure the availability of valuable raw materials for future generations.

OUR RESPONSIBILITY: Long-term sustainability for people and the environment.

As a European employer, social responsibility – in matters large and small – is an integral part of our corporate culture. We understand the immense social importance of recycling, so the Jacob Metal Group operates responsibly with all the required certificates and permits in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. We invest in all areas of the company, from quality improvement and occupational safety to new environmentally friendly technologies. Thanks to our decades of experience, and the fact that we are consistently using and developing the latest processing technologies, we are already contributing to conserving resources and protecting the climate today – and we will continue to do so in the future.

Our Strategy

Long-term goals need a strategy. With it, we at Jacob Metal Group want to show our employees, our partners and our customers the perspectives that we see for ourselves in the future.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct demonstrates our commitment to a culture of integrity and respect and is an important guide for all employees and partners of our company.

Metal Recycling is our DNA

We make recycling possible. Always and everywhere.



Everyone is talking about the future of the planet and what needs to be done so that future generations will continue to have access to resources and raw materials.

We are acting.

Conserving resources, recycling what has already been produced and finding innovative solutions – this is what we work towards, day in, day out. Making responsible use of natural resources should be a matter of course for everyone – we are committed to this. Within our company, sustainable thinking and action naturally also include environmental considerations. To achieve this, the Jacob Metal Group continuously invests considerable resources in improving our processes and making them more energy-efficient.

Recycling is climate protection.

The recycling of metals and electronic waste is active climate protection. Recycling non-ferrous and precious metals reduces CO2 emissions by millions of tonnes each year. Given that the industrial sector needs to continue reducing CO2 emissions in production, it will rely even more on recycled materials in the future.